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About TruForm

TruForm Consulting is a leading provider of business analysis services, delivering value to organisations by providing quality, timely and accurate business analysis specification.

The TruForm Difference

Our approach and service catalogue outputs have been purposely designed and tailored to address the distruptive nature in which organisations have to operate, speed to market on new initiatives, product enhancements and operational improvements are all dependent on timely and accurate business requirement specification, there simply is no time for ambiguity and inaccuracy in todays world and TruForm understands this well.

The TruForm Value Chain

Certified Business Analysts. Talent Program.
Modulised client outputs. Peer Review Assurance Processes Local, National & Offshore Capability.
Integrated methodical approach linking Strategy, Delivery and Operations.
Reduced risk and cost reduction, speed to the market.


Business and Use Case development Costing, Return on Investment Benefits Realisation.
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Agile managed business analysis services on project delivery.
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Business Process Management Design Enhancement.
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We have specialised in the following industries:

: Insurance : Finance : Government : Utilities